How accurate are background checks

I am applied for a job at gulfstream aerospace and they made an offer and I pretty much got the job…all I have to wait on is the background check. I was charged with identity theft(I didnt do it, and have proof) but not convicted. The case is pending still. Is that going to show up in my background check. This happened 2 months ago and 3 weeks ago I got a job with wal mart and they ran my back ground and I passed? Do you think I will pass this one?

Answer #1

I am pretty sure Background Checks are accurate. They detect everything that you have done in you past if you indeed have been convicted. I am not 100% sure though.

Answer #2

Yes, it will show up on your check. Air Force investigations are much more in depth than walmart investigations (the air force performs this service for contractors, regardless of which gov’t agency they contract with).

Normally, you are interviewed first by the investigator. MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM that, as well as anything else relevant! If you fail to disclose something relevant, and it pops up, you then have a zero chance of getting the job.

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