Do background checks show job history?

Has anyone had a background check for a job? Because right now I am trying to get a job at a hospital and they asked for my ss# for a background check and I just wondered what information the included. Theres nothing criminal on it or anything like that, but I had a job last year at a Doctor’s office and got fired, but I didn’t think to put it on my resume because it was only a few months. Is there a way they can find out about that on a background check? If they do and ask why it’s not on my resume what should I say. Please help me I’m freaking out and I want this job soo bad and my second interview is tomorow!

Answer #1

Look, don’t worry! They won’t know unless you tell them, just make sure you don’t lie if they ask. The background check for an employer only looks for a record and your past, etc., it’s nothing too personal or evasive, only the federal/cops/and computer hackers will know ALL your info, the employer won’t know unless you bring it up. Have you had a job since then? If so, that will help you, use it as a sort of guard, or shield to stay away from being fired topic. If they find out, because it sounds like you’re not a very good liar, be straight with them. Don’t lie, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tell half truths!

Answer #2

By now you should be hired, did you get the job?

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