Are houses in the country cheaper than houses in the city?

Answer #1

i believe houses outside of the city are often cheaper than those in a city but if the house is on alot of acreage than the price will go up. There are alot of variables to take into consideration like what city size of the home, amount of land.

Answer #2

In Australia it varies from state to state. Generally, houses in the city are more expensive than those in the country but I’ve seen some rather expensive houses for sale in small country towns. These towns often have few services, so I can’t see why anyone would want to purchase a fairly ordinary house in a country town with virtually no public transport, no post office, no bank, etc.

Answer #3

yups they are. There are more demand for properties in the city because it’s there were many businesses and commercial are. the general rule is the more developed and wanted the surrounding area is the more expensive the house is going to be.

Answer #4

In general houses in rural areas are cheaper than urban but a lot depends on the area. Houses in urban Detroit are pretty darn cheap these days while houses in the rural Hamptons are astonishingly expensive.

Answer #5

yes.. i live in London and the price of a 1 bedroom home in London is the price for a 4 bedroom home in the country side. same thing if you want to rent places in London it is more expensive than to rent places outside of London.(COUNTRYSIDE)

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