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How do I housebreak a dog that is afraid to pee outside?

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Here's the story. My big brother bought a Boston Terrier from puppyworld and from the beginning the dog seemed really skittish and afraid of everything. He soon developed a pee problem,; like he'd pee if you raised your vice, clapped your hands, reach down and pet him too fast, get excited, sees another dog. I told my brother that he may have come from a puppy mill and was undersocialized as a young pup. so for months on end my brother has been trying to get him to pee outside. after a while he gave up because the dog would hold his pee for hours outside and once in the house he'd pee right there. Now i have him at my house and i'm not accepting pee and poo on my carpets and floor... how do i train a dog to go outside when he hiolds it.?