How many hours does it take to bike 7 miles?

Answer #1

Like 1 hr or less

Answer #2

Less than an hour depending on hills and how fast you pedal.

Answer #3

Depends on ur speed. Bikes go between pedestrian speed (your granny) and 70 miles/hour (maximum downhill speed on the famous “tour de france” bike race). On a flat road with a moderately practiced biker, I’d say that 10 to 15 mph should be possible. I have biked to work for half a year. It was about 6 miles away but in the river Rhine valley while I live up the hills. Took me half an hour to get there and one hour and a half to go back home in the evening.

Answer #4

I think it depends on how fast you’re pedaling :)

Answer #5

About half an hour at a moderate pace.

Answer #6

I do 10km (or more) everyday, which is 6.2 miles, my best time is just on 19 minutes but I average at about 21-22 minutes. I think the average for an average person is about 25 minutes. It depends on the terrain and weather too. I cycle indoors on an exercise bike, but if you were outside, having to slow down for corners, stop at roads etc it could be more.

Answer #7

It takes nearly 30mts…..


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