what is humanitys perpious

what is humanitys perpious

Answer #1

There is no clear purpose. Just live this life as well as you can would be my own self-defined ‘purpose’, according to your own beliefs, desires and circumstances. Freedom to people regardless of their race, sex or religion. I would also like to see more respect for atheists as a whole.

Answer #2

LMAO Cornelius (for the first part)  Zohan, dogs didn’t have a purpose in life before humans decided to use them for different reasons, so didn’t cows or lambs, so we created a purpose for them. I as an Atheist also think human beings create their own purpose during their own life span. When young, your purpose is to grow adult, when young adult, your next purpose is to find a sustainable job and income to support your spouse and household with and also the kids to follow. The next purpose is to then successfully lead, guide and support your kids for their own future and in the meanwhile build a secure nest egg for your retirement. To try and enjoy or life in the meantime and make the utter best out of it!

After all it is our natural instinct which drives us to survive and drive us to the next level of achievement, which are in our reach; it is up to us to go get it !!!

Answer #3

lol cornelius.

to me the purpose of humanity is to breed. and that is all, it’s a continuous cycle of birth and death that will only ends once our earth end, oh and to make difference together with that so that future generations can breed in better conditions.

but then again, my current mood isn’t very well…happy and tomorrow I’ll probably have a different answer.

Answer #4

Our purpose is to worship and adore God.

Answer #5

It depends on what you believe.

Some could say that our purpose is to worship and glorify our god and some day receive reward for doing so. I’m agnostic. I believe in a higher power, but I don’t feel that any one or any thing is worthy of being worshiped and I won’t spend my life preparing for what may or may not happen after I die. Personally, I believe there is no purpose or reason for humanity, that everything on this planet is just one big cosmic fluke. I think human beings are inherently good and wish to be good without the threat of ‘fire and brimstone’. Some sense of right and wrong is just something humans are born with, and is reinforced by society. Most of us will go through life inadvertently causing more harm than good but most will have good intentions and live decent lives, helping one another and loving more than they hate. In my opinion, that’s all that there is.

Answer #6

purpose? ummm…well I think it is probably to just live. I don’t believe in a god, well I’m agnostic verging on atheist, so it doesn’t seem like we have a exact purpose. we are just like all animals, except for the complexity of our minds, and we just eat, drink, sleep etc, but we for some unknown reason feel we need to have a reason for our lives and have the massive want for knowledge and to expand our minds. We don’t expect animals to do something great for the world or anything like that. Their only purpose in the majorities minds is to provide us with food. We do not provide anything for any other species, the only thing we are able to provide is material objects or love, which most, if not all, animals can also provide. thats just my view…what’s yours?

Answer #7

To skip english class, apparently. HUMANITY’S PURPOSE.

I’ve been considering two contrasting options. Nihilism..Nothing has meaning and we spend our lives seeking meaning, a long drawn out wild goose chase. And another, that our entire lives, and the purpose of existing, is to find our driving purpose, build ourselves and meaning. To slowly discover things, an eternal teaching lesson existing for no other reason.

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