Homecomming Dresses.!

Im looking for cute (obliviously) higher then the knee style dresser for homecomming. Anyone know where I can find them? I wanna shop online because if I go to a store, someone might have the same dress! BUDGET: $30 or less

Answer #1

ebay…you can get them for very very cheap there…my friends mom does it all the time and buys brand new dresses off there for like less then 10 bucks but shes really good at finding what she wants on there…my friend has literally over 500 dresses that she got from ebay…also david’s bridal is good.

Answer #2

My girlfriend got hers at like JCPenny or something. It’s really nice too and it was also cheap.

Answer #3

I dont know were abouts you live in the world so you should type into www.google.com homecoming dresses and they will all come up hope I help ! x

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