What do i do about my boyfriend not wanting to dress up for homecoming?

my boyfriend HATES dressing up for things he will if i ask him to but he’ll spend the whole night nhappy and thats not what i want can anyone like post some pics of simple things he could wear or recommend (Btw hes a contry boy)

Answer #1

Dump him

Answer #2

im not ganna dump him i really care about him that wood just be stupid

Answer #3

just make him wear a dress shirt at least.

Answer #4

What’s wrong with him now wanting to dress up? If he likes more casual then let him do it. It’s just homecoming. To me I’d rather him wear something he likes so he can actually be in a good mood all night than be a bad girlfriend and make him wear something he hated and then have his bad mood be a huge damper on the night

Answer #5

A dress shirt and black pants look pretty good and not extremely formal.

Answer #6

i kno i was jokin, Id just idk confront him

Answer #7

no i dont wanna make him dress up we go to a strict skewl and they say he HAS to dress up i dont like it but its the rules and i wanna go

Answer #8

oh lol i was ganna say thats pretty dang selfish

Answer #9

Oh! You should’ve put that in the post. Then explain that to him. He should love you enough to dress up for just one night. It’s not gonna hurt him and it doesn’t have to be too dressy

Answer #10

i no he says he will i just no he wont be happy about it he’ll do it cause he loves me but he wont like it i dont exactly no what a semi dressie look looks like honestly and neither does he (like dress shirt and commen pants with them)

Answer #11

Tell him to suck it up and it’s just for one night. You guys should go to the mall or something and look around. Men’s Wearhouse has some nice dressy shirts for men but I think that would be too expensive. I’m sure you’ll find stuff similar to that somewhere. He could just wear a button down shirt and some pants. No big deal

Answer #12

Ask him very nicely and tell him that it would really mean a lot to you. If he doesn’t want to suit up at least speak to him about dressing neatly and with proper shoes.

Answer #13

lol just take a picture of the probably gorgeous dress your going to wear and he’s going to want to at least look good standing next to you.! It will make him change his mind

Answer #14

tell him if he doesn’t you’l break up with him or you wont bang n.e.more..

Answer #15

my boyfriend doesnt even want to go to homecoming… or hangout with me besides going to homecoming.

Answer #16

flirt with other guys until he goes for it, Find something that he will actually like and is acceptable to wear, or Dump him. But the other two answers are quite good.

Answer #17

i kno id kill lol :)

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