Homecoming and Prom dress ideas

Yep yep yep…

I know I know…

Homecoming isnt until October… and.. Prom all the ay in May/June… REGARDLESS!

Im making my own dresses… with… hopefully… lots of help from my boyfriends mum.

and if I’m making it.. should probably get my ideas out on the table now so im not scrambling right?


Well. I’ve been watching and listening to a lot of My Chemical Romance… and if you like MCR.. I think you can see where im going to get at here…

I want to make a Helena dress… cept Poofyer at the bottom… and… more… even more formal than it already is.

That actually might take some time… but I like the idea…

then for prom… I want to stick out… so I want to go from Old MCR to newer…

so lets jump to the Black Parade shall we?

-er hem-

im thinking.. looong black poof poof dress with gold thingies to make the strappy like thingies that are on marching uniforms… (cough cough, I would know XD)

and just stick out… maybe get some glitter in a can and spray the whole bottom half of the dress and just be pretty and feel special…

huh.. whatcha think?



note… Im a hard core My Chem fan… not… little 10-13 year olds who think they love them and think there so hot and in fact… no nothing about them… I’ve been a fan since day one…

ok… more like month… what ever… I’ve liked em since the first CD came out… I just like 3 cheers for sweet revenge and Black Parade more…

so… no little kids saying crap about how they love them too… ok.. I get it… but… then again… Ill take younger girls liking MCR more than the Jonas Bros. anyday… nvm.. I take alll that back…


im getting off topic…

if I wanted to rant I can post a new question…

so… easy to accomplish? worth the time of making?

whatcha think?

Answer #1

I have no idea what you just said please give me advice. type in “Help!!! how do I loose 10 pounds in 3 Days” please give me an answer.

Answer #2

u are genious. I love MCR a lot 2, and like you said not like those other people. it is suuuch a good idea. mite take a bit of time, but then again im not a pro at the whole clothes making deal

Good luck!

Answer #3

Lol, I just like being pretty and not being snotty preppy who pay 300 bucks on a dress they wear once… ill make mine, look better and be happier ^_^

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