Do females wear condoms?

just wondering do females wear condoms ?

Answer #1

On average females don’t wear them. Most that do use condoms just carry male condoms with them. Apparently female condoms can be uncomfortable and is sometimes noisy.

Answer #2

not like man condoms. but they do sell a female version of a condom.

Answer #3

Not typically. However, I advise carrying one on you, as you can never guarantee a guy will have one on him. So keep a MALE condom with you.

Answer #4

There are FEMALE condoms available in drug stores. Should be next to reg. condoms.

Answer #5

Most females do not wear the female condoms. Many do insist that the guy wears a (male) condom.

And if the gal is not a total loser, she should insist. Unless she is on birth control and knows there are no diseases to spread.

Withdrawal method does not work! Just because a couple uses it 3 times with no pregnancy is no evidence. That’s like putting a cork in the barrel of a revolver and playing Russian Roulette. And then thinking that, “Well, I’ve pulled the trigger three times, so the cork must really stop it from firing.”

Answer #6

…yea okay I don’t want to get them. But on average do femlaes wear condoms ?

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