How do you hide a bruise, get rid of it, or keep it from coming?

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Make up works to a certain extent, unfortunately i dont know of anything that covers it completely, it depends where it is, fake tan may also work

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To hide: cover with make-up. To get rid: you don't. To prevent them: be more careful?

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Use make up, like cover up or powder cover up, to prevent it you can try to put ice on the place where you hit it, sometimes the prevents it.

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put ice on it all it is in blood rushed to the skin but ice will make it go away faster.

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Press on it really hard

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You can't get rid of it or keep it from coming, use ice to help it. And make up to hide it.

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if you hold ice on it and its not to bad it will go away i had to do that a few times

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you visit my howto, thats how
Dont forget to "like it" afterwards if you like the results. it doesn't get rid of the bruise but it seriously reduces the discoloration. and it works anywhere on the body

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As pretty much everyone has said, ice is the only thing that can really help to stop the bruise appearing. Once it is there though, if you really want to cover it up then go and invest in some stage make up. You can get it from most costume shops and it is really thick- get that in your skin tone and just rub a little over the bruise and blend in and it shoudl cover it much better than normal makeup. A skin coloured plaster would be ok for temporary cover too if you don't want your bruise being seen. You could always pretend you had a cut there if you were trying to hide it from someone.

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theres a cream you can buy from pharmacies that helps with bruises. if you have one but it hasnt shown up yet, put it on the bruise and it will prevent it from showing up. youll still have a bruise but it will be invisible. also if you already have one, put the cream on and it stops it from becomming any worse

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Ice and compression to stop it coming, and arnica to help it heal faster.

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Well if you get vitamin E pills ( they are cheaper than the oil ) You break them and apply it to the area it help it heal in no time. Also great for scars :)

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