What do you think of Heath Ledger's death?

what do you guys think of Heth Ledger’s death? so young!!! so tragic!!! ugh!! so… I dunno

Answer #1

2/6/08 - NYC Medical Examiner ruled the death an ‘accidental overdose’ of prescription drugs (6 different types).

Answer #2

hey there, a radio station in western australia rand some reverend guy from america and this dude is going to have a picket at heath ledgers funeral all because he played a gay cowboy in brokeback. what a &^#%&$%%^& . apptly he also sets up pickets at peoples funerals who have died from aids and soldiers too. has anyone heard of this guy hes a real loser.

Answer #3

there are already a lot of questions posted about this topic on this website, so you should really check them out if you want to read more opinions on this subject :]

personally I think it’s very sad. he was such a good actor, and he has a 2 year old daughter too :’[

Answer #4

it’s kinda sad. he had some great movies a cute kid… he was pretty cute too. he died to young.

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