Who's the better Joker Heath Ledger or Jack Nickloson

Who’s The Better Joker, Heath Ledger Or Jack Nicholson?

Heath Ledger solidified himself as a star before the now infamous Joker role. But there are people out there who still believe Jack Nicholson was the better Joker. What’s great about Heath’s portrayal of The Joker was the dark nature. I mean he really became a psycho to play the role. Jack Nicholson’s Joker just looks a little too happy.

  That could just be my bias. Either way I loved both movies.
Answer #1

Nicholson by a mile! He was more like the REAL Joker!

Answer #2

Health Ledger was better.

Answer #3

by far all around is Jack Nicholson.

Answer #4

Jack Nicholson…!!


Answer #5

Thats a tough call but for the fear factor I would say Heath. Jack had a GREAT personality but with fear Heath got him beat.

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