How can i lose 100lbs in one month?

How could I lose 100 pounds in one month? What is the average weight for a high school junior who is 5"4

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lol the long answer is... you cant...
I was anorexic for 4 months and didn't lose that much and your trying to lose it in just 1 month?..the only way is sugery but that is vey costly lol.
and about average not quite sure but I am 5'2" and I weigh 118lbs witch is average I think.. so ya...hope that helps

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You CAN'T lose 100lbs in 1 months.. it's NOT healthy at all !! && average weight for my height && my age would be 115 ((&& I'm 17 && 4'11)) So you should be somewhere around 120-130.

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I dont htink you cud lose 100 lbs in a month while still maintaing healthy. I wud say the average weight for a person 5'4 wud be any where from 115-130

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I've never heard of that much in such a short time.

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no not even by surgery, they would never do lipo on that much weight, and even if you got gastric bypass it would take maybe 5/6 months...
not even if you didnt eat for the entire period,

you can't...

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