How to get the smell if cigarettes off my hands?

how can I get the smell of cigarettes of my hands

Answer #1

I was a 2-3 pack a day smoker with 20 years of smoking. I ‘quit’ 4 or 5 times before my final quit 25 years ago. You will have to find your own reason to keep away from cigarettes. Mine was my toddler son. I watched him stick the pack into his mouth to chew on, and it struck me. I wanted to be a good parent to him, but how could I tell him how smoking was bad, if I was busy puffing. That thought gave me the edge I needed to keep going.

As far as the day-to-day problem, I kept a container of bite sized pieces of vegetables on ice to nibble on. And tried avoiding situations where there was smoking. Thankfully my wife at the time didn’t smoke.

The first 72 hours will be bad. You will be VERY disagreeable. I also decided to take a page from the AA book and for 10 years I never thought nor said that I quit — only that I was QUITTING. Urges to smoke lasted for 7 years.

Quitting with a friend or co-worker may also help.

Good Luck!

Answer #2

I joined a program that had me quit gradually over four weeks. The most important points there were that the psychological addiction is worse than the physical (which is why people often start smoking again after a long time) and that one should break one’s smoking habits BEFORE one quits finally.

Answer #3

I have, I put 2 pakcs under the tap. any advice on how to quit?

Answer #4

if you wash your hands the smell will go away and use lotion

Answer #5

don’t smoke is a start. Wash your hands, use lemon juice and for goodness sake don’t smoke again.

Answer #6

thanks bimjob, really appreciate your input:)

Answer #7

you can rub your hands with a small amount of white vinegar

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