Do you think we should get rid of cigarettes?

Through out history there have been all kinds of drugs that have been banned, do you think cigarettes should join the list?

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I don't think they have to ban nicotine, or even tobacco, just cigarettes.
I am sure they can find some other way to get a nicotine fix, other than letting off smoke that is equal or worse than an industrial smoke stack.

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They tried to ban alcohol, and we all saw what happened... The mob was born. Prohibition was a disaster. Restricting access to drugs does not work. It's been proven in the past, and it is pointless now...

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To me its not so much about whether people want to commit a slow and sometimes painful suicide through cigarettes.
Nor is it about whether the idiots would still smoke or not.

To me it is all about second hand smoke, if we banned cigarettes, non smokers would not be forced to smoke second hand smoke.

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cigarettes are nasty! they make you stink, they make your breath stink, your hair, your clothes, your car, everything. It's also very unattractive to see a cigarette hanging out of a womans mouth. FREAKING YUCK!!!

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Yes I honestly do, but I do not think it would help much. Drugs, Drinking under the age of 21, and Marijuna is also banned. But a lot of people manage to get them anyways and do them.

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but...when they are caught, they are punished. Smoking would become way less popular if they banned it. They would have to sneak it.

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they should be number 1

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too good for the economy

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