What someone knocking on the door in your dreams mean?

What does it mean when you dream your in a strange house with all the people you love and hate and it’s thundering and lightning out and your hiding and someone is knocking on the door but you’re afraid to answer it because of the storm?

Answer #1

I think simply you are just scared of things in life in general. Which is normal to be scared. With the world like it is you are ‘scared to open the door’. The people you love and hate represents life and someone knocking at the door is the future or present. Thunder and lighting is probably something you don’t like. I do believe that dreams are representations of ones feelings but I also feel that most people have dreams that are over active. Read a little into your dreams, but not much. Take a look at things like caffiene intake, watching television, nicotine intake and make some changes there and see if you start dreaming good things or not dreaming at all. But also while I believe that, I did have a terrible dream to come true one time.

Answer #2

I would say that was just a bad dream so don’t worry about it.:)

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