How can i lose 19 pounds in less than 2 months?

I am 14 years old, 5 foot 4 and 118 pounds.
Is that skinny, normal or overweight??
& how can I lose 19 pounds in less than 2 months??

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when you get my size and on my level then you can start cryin...shoot talking bout 118 pounds thats some maury stuff rite there. there are plenty of girls that would kill to be your size so give it up...go eat a cheese burger.

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its perfect you dont need to lose anything

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Totally Normal. =]
don't worry about it. =]
you DONT need to lose any weight. =]

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That is actually a normal weight for people your age.

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Uh...if you're 118 lbs, you don't need to lose 19 lbs. 118 is an ideal weight for you.

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