When do you start wearing a bra?

when do you start wearing a bra…?

Answer #1

whenever your nipples show through your t-shirts… or when your boobs get bigger…or just when your still flatchest…but the nipples are getting bigger then you can wear…training bras and stuff…

Answer #2

you start when you run and your boobs bounce around if you dont want a real bra you can get a sports bra there really comfy

Answer #3

whenever your nipples start to show thru your shirt you can start using a training bra then when it all starts to stick out go wit your mom so that she can help you find a bra in the little girls section.

good luck


Answer #4

when you need one so your boobs dont sag down to your knees when your older.LOL

Answer #5

When your boobs start to get bigger, and when the wart is starting to see through a T-shirt

Answer #6

When you start getting boobs?

Answer #7

Mid-third grade for me. . . But my breasts have been the same sixe since I was ten. Eh.

Answer #8

i started wearing a bra when i was 10

Answer #9

i stArted at 10 but ihad boobs at 10 and i wasnt fat…. when i first wour it i wore a 38 a

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