my freggn cat wont stop whining

my freggn cat wont stop whining!! he is a boy siamese cat hes perfectly healthy and everything no he isnt fixed but he CONSTANTLY whines! my dad wants to get rid of him but I love him please please tell me what you think the problem could be ((ps please dont tell me to feed him of water him im 18 im not retarded I know the common sense stuff))

thanks guys…

Answer #1

You cat might smell a girl cat in heat and want her. So I suggest you get the cat fixed. It will help calm him down. :)

Answer #2

Siamese cats are known to whine a lot. I had a Siamese cat once and she always cried even when I was playing with her. My friend has a Siamese cat and it never shuts up either.

Answer #3

thanks yall :)

Answer #4

He needs to be neutered for one thing…A intact cat, KNOWS there are girls outside, and he wants out…This isn’t saying he won’t ever want out if he’s neutered, but at least you can let him out and know he’s not going anywhere. You let him now, and you’ll likely never see him again.


Answer #5

I also recommend neutering him. I bet that is what is happening. Harley is right on the mark!

Answer #6

He may be smelling a female in heat from somewhere and his testsrone is in full gear. I would recommend getting him Neutered. I really think this would help. and cats do better in pair also. but make sure they are spayed and neutered. And don’t let him outside until he is neutered.

Answer #7

Is he an indoor cat? Mine is, well we are slowly getting her used to going outside. Maybe he is hearing noises from outside which are difficult to hear by a human, eg birds tweating, other cats, from a far distance.

Answer #8

he wants attention I guess.. give him a lot of attnetion or get another to keep him company and if he still wont shut up then sell him I guess and keep the quite cat

Answer #9

Maybe he just needs your attention and/or wants you to play with him.. I’m just guessing here, but it could also be a sign that he’s experiencing pain. If this is a sudden change in behavior, might need to get him to a vet to get checked out..

Answer #10

I used to have a half siamese cat, and he ‘talked’ a lot. He would just do that when he wanted attention or when he wanted someone to play with him. Usually we would just try to hold him and then talk back to him, like we were having a conversation with him. After a while they don’t do it as much, but it really just depends on the cat.

Answer #11

Be a responsible cat owners and keep your cats in the house/supervised. You neglect your cats when you allow them to roam, research free roaming cats. it is in the best interest of Humans-cats and wildlife health and safety . Domesticated cats are a Non-native species to North America, they kill for sport ( not eating what they kill) Therefore taking food out of the natural predators mouths, Domesticated cats kill millions of law protected song birds yearly as well as billions of small mammals yearly, domesticated cats who are allowed to roam by irresponsbile cat owners becomes a nuisance within communitys it’s just a matter of time, it is your human responsibility to do what is right for everyone involved,keep your cats in the house out of danger and out of trouble as well as from damaging your neighbors property.

Answer #12

From what I’ve seen, Siamese Cats are one of the most vocal breeds of cats out there, so there probably isnt a problem. Maybe some more research needed to be done before you bought the poor thing.

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