How do I stop my cat from moving the cat bowl?

how do you stop making your cat move the cat bowl?

Answer #1

Easy answer;

Use a Ceramic Bowl. That’s what they are there for when it comes to dogs, the same applies to cats. Use a heavy bowl and they won’t move it.

Answer #2

I’m an owner of 3 cats (one passed in september >.<) always tell him/her to stop whenever they do it, my cat used to do it every 5 minutes but he’s really slowed down. Personally I just kinda stomp the floor once to create an alarming sounds to them and then shout to stop. Works pretty well and I love my cats with the burning intensity of a thousand suns =D.

Answer #3

glue the bowl to the floor

Answer #4

I’m An Owner Of 5 Cats .. Don’t Feed It With A Bowl Feed It With A Plate A See What Happens :)

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