Might have caught something down there

I think I myt have caught something down there and im really scared and I realy don’t wana go on my own. where would be the best place to go and get a test. docotrs or family plannin?

Answer #1

Depends… a family planning place will be a lot easier to just walk in… and since you’re under 18, might be the best place to go to if you dont want your parents to know?

Answer #2

What do you mean you think you may have caught something? Look on google and see what you can find first. You should go to the doctors most likely to find out whatswrong. But it may not be something at all. Things occur down there all the time. Hope I was of help. =]

Answer #3

well I dunt no if I have clymadia or a water infection because syptoms I got are 4 both ;(

Answer #4

you should go with whoever may have given you it….this could be helpful for the both of you rather than just you.

and definitely research what you can on your own to see if its nothing, but you should look into some type of clinic…

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