Im 15 pregnant and scared

Im 15 pregnant and scared because the father of my baby is 18 and I lied to him about my age I dont need anyone judgin because I already know it was wrong my mother doesnt know yet im almost 2 weeks to my calculation and I know my mom may try to kick me out I have nowhere to go! I know to expect her to be upset and all but this is the juicy part im keeping it because I strongly believe a baby could be a blessing I was woman enough to lay down and make the baby I should be a woman suck it up and take very good care of my baby I dont want my mama to have to do everything because I know its my baby my responsibility but I do want her support I do have the support of the father of my child but need the support of my mother and others I have been looking for jobs filling out applications and even saving money I have plans for my baby and I am still going to school I just need a little boost because whos going to hire a pregnant 15 year old? Please help me

Answer #1

Don’t stress it, just sit your mom down sometime and flat out tell her how you feel, I went through the same thing… the only thing is I only thought I was pregnant but turned out I wasn’t… but my mom helped me through the whole thing… I even told her that if I did have one I wanted to take care of it and she understood… you mom will probebly be the same way because she’s your mom and no matter what moms love their children and will stand by them through anything… so just tell her and I bet she’ll be able to help you along and also help you to raise some money… now with the guy… you owe it to him to tell him the truth.. first tell him your real age… then after you see what his reaction will be… if it’s good tell him your pregnant and if it’s bad, he’s not worth telling..

Answer #2

First of all, you really need to tell your mum. I told my mum in a resturant, that way she couldnt scream her head of at me!.. in your sittuation - id do the same thing. ask her if you ould go for a meal, as a mum and daughter thing. Then say somthing like: “Mum, I no your going to be mad and I understand that, but I need you to know that what I’ve done is completly my fault and I was stupid and imuture. But im going to take full responsabilty and I really like your support, to raise your GRANDCHILD”… somthing like that…there no right way to say just have to say it, but a public place may be best.

You RAE doing the thing by keeping it… it will be hard but its YOUR baby and no one else’s…so dont let people make you get rid of it or keep it…do what YOU want to do with YOUR baby.

You may not get employed if you tell them you are pregnant… so if you wanted to, you no tell them for a while (maybe untill your showing)..that way you wont get judge by prengnacy.

Just remember… young mums can be fantasic parents…some better than adults… it all depends on the individual.

I had a baby at 15 AND 17… I was still at school…and now im going back to finish my A LEVELS!… I got 9A* and A GCSE… And now im doing A LEVELS… so you can do it

Answer #3

I’d hate to admit it, but underwaterphelia is right.. At your age having a child isn’t easy, take it from someone who went through and was there. My son was born 4 months after I turned 16. I had dropped out of high school, cause lets face it, a baby isn’t going to take care of themselves, and obviously the mother couldn’t work. I gave up my high school career, and for a lot of people the ambition just isn’t there in your generation to go through the hoops and run in the circles that you WILL be faced with. I advise that at the very least you look into adoption… The only reason that I wouldn’t let her do it was because I was adopted and very strong feelings towards it, but not because I didn’t have a good and healthy upbringing, because I did. But because the my adopted parents found it better to not tell me I was adopted till I was 13 and it was hard to go through at that age without the time to mentally adjust to the situation. But from my understanding when you give a child up for adoption, at your age, you’re doing a better thing maybe not for you but most deffinantly for the child’s sake. Just please think on it, I’m sure you’ll make the right decision.

Answer #4

No one will hire you, and you aren’t doing the right thing by keeping your baby. By keeping it, instead of giving it to a stable family that can care for it properly, you will make the baby’s life harder and your own life harder.

Answer #5

Tell him the truth. Keep your baby and hope your mom don’t try and kill you and you right it could be a blessing but keep your mind in the focus stage then you should be good just don’t drop out of school finish and find a parttime job.

Answer #6

wow,spoken like a true serious youve inspired me.

Answer #7

think of whats best for the baby not you… I admire you for trying to do what you think is right… the guy isnt going to stick around… guys are a**holes… they dont usually take responsability for their mistakes… as far as adoption goes… dont let anyone make your desicion for you… if you think keeping the baby is right keep it… if you think adoption is the right way to go… then go for it… its going to be hard… one of my friends moms had her son at age 15 and she kept him and she is an amazing mom… my friend (her son) is 14 now… and she provided an amazing life for him… his father isnt around either but he turned out great… good luck with everything… [=

Answer #8

you cannot be asked if you are pregnant when you’re applying for a job. and if the job knows and they don’t hire you because of it, that’s discrimination and it’s AGAINST THE LAW. they also can’t ask you if you have kids, are married, what race you are, how old you are, or if you’re married.

now, they can find out this info from you in foundabout ways, but they can’t outright ask you.

think about what’s best for the child, as far as adoption. if you can’t get support from your mother, I’d say you’d need to seriously consider adoption. you can’t depend on this guy that you lied to to stick around…he’s young, you lied, and you’re not married.

do what’s right.

Answer #9

Life is hard we are not here for it to run smooth.

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