How can I tell mum im pregnant ?

How can I tell my mum I’m pregnant? I’m 19 turning 20 in May… I fell pregnant when I was 17 and she got furious and now im really scared of what to say to her and im freaking out about how to say it to her…all my friends that recently had kids said to tell her now rather then later because the longer I wait the harder it’ll be… but I was on the pill so how do I explain all that to her??? HELP ME PLEASE!

Answer #1

This is something that can be really hard but obuosly your mom can understand this, it;s going to be really a little hard for her but give it a try. Tell her that ypou know that it was a mistake but that all this is much for you too.

She is your mom and somehow she is going to have to understand it.


Answer #2

first you say “mum I’m pregnant” than you ride out the storm. no matter how you tell her her reaction will be pretty much the same whatever that might be, she might be cool about it. Anyway my point is just tell her and deal with it dont waste time with BS and sugar coated lies

Answer #3

just tell her like I told mine.I asked her if I could talk to her privately. we went to a room I asked her to have a seat, and then I just told her I have something to tell you… IM Pregnant! she asked if I was on the pill, yes I was but stopped when being pregnant was a possibility. she just said that she was disappointed and angry but whats done is done and theres nothing that could be done except to go on with life and prepare for my son. hes now 2 years old and she stopped being mad like a week after I told her. especially sinc we talked more about it and she decided she couldn’t be mad at me for doing the exact same thing as he @ 17yrs old that she did and especially since I was giving her her first and only grandchild. I guess it helped that she got pg wit me when she was 17 but shewas mad to be a grandmother at 35

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