I realy need hep

im might be pregnant and im 13 I never expect myself to become pregnant this early my baby's daddy is 17 and he don't want nothing to do with me or the child... what should I do and how should I tell my mom

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I don't what to tell you but yes you should tell your mom

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you should always expect the worse in everything you do, that leads you to become a mature person which obviously you're not. Talk to your mom about it and forget the dad. please don't abort!! don't take a life for your mistake. you're mom will have to understand one way or another so don't be afraid. you know she'll find out sooner or later and you will need someone to be there for you. Your mom may be the only one so get her used to the idea before it's too late. good luck!! take good care of your baby and make sure it has a good life! ^_^

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Well, im 22. I had my first kid at 18 its very hard out there girl! And I know exactly where your coming from! Everyone makes mistakes and slips up and your mom will understand that. But you can't deny that baby medical care it deserves the best life that you can give it. And for the punk 17 year old he should be ashamed of himself for even saying anything like that to you. He will regret it one day girl dont worry about him he will get his in time. I am a single mother of two beautiful children. My daughter Hannah is 3 years old and my son Christopher is 10 months. Their father hasn't seen them in 9 months. Which doesn't bother me one bit maybe one day they will come to their senses! If you ever need to talk about ANYTHING! and I mean ANYTHING you just contact me on here or my other e-mail address is tashahill65@yahoo.com e-mail me there and I would be happy to talk to you. Just tell your mom girl she will only be mad for a little bit until she holds that tiny baby in her arms then she will realize that she loves you and your baby just the same as before.

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You absolutely need to tell your Mom. She will be your best source of help and support no matter what you decide.
If you decide to keep the baby, the baby's daddy is legally liable for some support for his kid. Legal Aid can give you guidance on this.

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thats a realy sad story, he was way to old and he obviously didnt use protection and he wants non of the responsilities, that makes me pretty angry, if you can be open about it with your parents then you could go to the police, I know he's not 18 but I think its still rape if he's over 17 and your under 14 in some places and you may be entitled to certain benifits, its not my area but dont thinks just because he's turned his back that it has to end ther, well I hope all goes well, thanks.

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well thanks for the stuff if I need any more advise I will contact yall I will know if im pregnant for sure tomorrow

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You have to tell your Mother as soon as you know for sure. And please don't listen to people's advice about aborting or not. The decision is yours and you (and your mother), know what is best for your life.
What I gather from the information in your question is, that you are not a good decision maker. Nor should you be at only 13. You had sex at 13, and unprotected sex at that. That is all the information I need to determine that you are NOT ready to be a mother. Wether you like it or not, you are still a child. Just because you have a period and can have sex, it does not make you an adult. I am the mother of 2 boys and it is exhausting all the time...and I am 38. I stay at home with them and my husband works. I am constantly cooking, driving to and from activities, helping with homework, teaching my 3 year old letters and numbers, wiping "poopie" butts, washing clothes, reading books, staying up all night when they are sick...and the list goes on and on. Are you ready for all that and MORE...much more?
You are not even in high school yet. You have no idea how difficult it is to raise intelligent, well-rounded children.
Anyone can HAVE a baby, but not everyone SHOULD! I am sure you will be a wonderful mother when you are older, wiser and more experienced in life. But right now, having or keeping, a baby is not what I would allow my daughter to do. I would assist her with her decision about choosing abortion or adoption. So, tell you mother and let her help you in your decision making process. You need all the adult advice you can get.

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