How to get motivation for my studies?

Hello. I’ve lose my motivation for studies. I use to be Top student.. But this year, I dont feel like studying. In fact, I start to runaway from it. I start to become lazy. I use to score full marks for my maths test.. But now I get the third position.

Yeah. Maybe some of you will think that third position is good enough. But no… Not for me. This year im going to sit for an important examinations. I cant fail it… Time is running out.. I need to get help as soon as possible.

I’ve lose my way too. Sometimes I feel like commiting suicide.. Because I dont want to study anymore.. Being smart isn’t a good thing. I always think that people come near me to get benefits from me… So I cant trust anyone around me…

Help me. Please.

Answer #1

find a median, everyone has to unwind somehow. If you do nothing but study of course your going to go nuts. Get out and have a good time when you can, for me it resets my mind. So I can face the next week.

Answer #2

hi there…look I’m sort of in the same junior high I used to score over 19.5 grades out of 20 and in high school I lost my motivation cause I found everything difficult.when I was in the first class I scored a 16.8 for that I really hated myself and I decided to to do something better for myself and I’m motivated because I want to leave greece and study in the UK.this year I hope I will get better grades and next year,my last year of highschool I am hoping to do better… you just need a goal…just do it for you.I’m doing it to get out of here and live my life somewhere else… I’m lazy too…we all have that once in a while even if it’s not in our character

Answer #3

Whenever you feel like not studying, think TOP STUDENT. That’s what I do lol.

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