I told a HUGE lie and now I need help. I can't tell the truth.

I was talking to my friend and she was going off on her mom. I nodded the entire time and said that people knew that her mom was crazy then she asked who. And I said my mom kinda knew. Then I quick changed the subject and talked about a trip we were gonna take and my mom was gonna have to talk to her mom about it. Well my friend got offended aparently (I don’t know how) and went home and told her mom that my mom hates her + that her + her friends make fun of my friend’s mom. Well I told my mom that wasn’t what happened + said that wasn’t what happened. Now, I think im gonna get found out but I have no idea how I can fix any of this or get away with the lie. If I dont get away with it my life will be over! Plus, how do I get over guilt? I now feel TERRIBLY guilty! My stomach is so upset! HELP!

Answer #1

Easy. Tell the truth.

Everyone lies, but if it’s pestering you and really ticking you off, just make a day to confess.

Answer #2

you should tell your friend the truth, and then have both parents sit down and tell them what you said was not true and that your sorry, thats really all you can do. hope that helps some

Answer #3

Easy, tell your mother the truth.

Otherwise you’ll look like the idiot. Tell her what your friend said and the whole conversation.

Answer #4

truth is best

Answer #5

just forget your sense of guilt and carry on lying that way you dont get hurt even though everyone else does :)

Answer #6

tom, you’re an idiot. fau don’t listen to him! Tell the truth.

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