HELP!! I need advice quick!! im freaked out!!

okayy,, I was masturbating a while ago and when I finished I went to the bathroom and cleaned up like usual… I go back to my room and lay down and a little more comes out and my Pee Hole starts hurting… so I went pee and there was some Sperm in my pee… should I be worried or what??

Answer #1

no, only be worried if it keeps hurting

Answer #2

there is nothing wrong with that after you masterbate and then you pee the pee cleans the inside of your penis so no seem is left behind

Answer #3

Don’t worry urine and semen are normally not suppose to go through so soon together, but it does happen and burn a little, if it keeps happening you need to ask a doctor.

Answer #4

uhh usually your body prevents that from being possible. there are two “tubes” that lead fluids from your penis im sur eyou can guess what each is for but your body sort of shuts one off at a time preventing that from happening so yeah I don’t know for certain but id say thas a cause for concern see what happens next time

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