Is there anything to help us conceive?

any anyone help me me and my boyfriend are trying for a baby for ages is there any Like ‘herd’ from a health store or anything thats can help us.(he doesnt like having sex)

Answer #1

well depending on how long you have been trying. you can always go too an obgyn,or a specialist in your area that deals with that kind of stuff. and they will probably run some test to find out which one of u…{u or your boyfriend} is the unfertile 1. and thay can try different things. like 1 is fertility drugs. my mother in law was on those and she says they worked good. but as far as any special herbs? im not really sure. you can also keep a track record on your fertile days. theres a ovulation thermometor you can use. it detects how fertile you are. well good luck. =]

Answer #2

Agree with bones - many couples have that same problem, and there is a lot of good, proven medical expertise available.

But a more important problem is why he doesn’t like having sex. That’s an issue where you really should get some professional help - the longer you wait, the more difficult it can become.

After all, it you two want to have a baby, that’s a long-term commitment. And you’ll need a healthy relationship also in the future.

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