Is it possible to lose 10kg in 2 weeks?

Is it possible to loose 10kg in 2 weeks?
Im 14 years old.
5ft 4.
and weigh 50 kg im so unhappy.
how doi loose weight fast.

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Not super hardcore running or anything but get up 30 minutes earlier in the day and start running. Or even doing sit ups at home. Lil things. And eating right does just as much as excercise.

And ummm KG?
Ido not compute

SD luvin LAlife

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you would die
or have a heart attack
your skinny enough as it is...
40kgs is what I weighed when I was 8...
50kgs for a 14 year old is TINY!!
Be happy!! =]

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ANSWER #3 of 3

listen at 50 kilos and your height you are all ready a bit too thin
and being 40 kilos would make you extremely unhelthy
you need to understand that your body does need some fat on it
and you need to eat, food = fuel
your body still has another 6 years to grow,
during this time youll loose, and gain weight accordingly,
and you need to let those changes happen
loosing that much weight in that amount of time is extreemely dangerouse
and if you feel like your "fat" then I really think you should get some help, or guidence
its very unhealthy to be thinking like that

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