Peirced my own lip and now my arm won't move?

Yesterday I peirced my own lip But I asked a couple of people if I should before I did it they said it wont harm you or anything but my lips swolen and last night I woke up and my arm wouldnt move I dont no what I should do my mum still dont no but I dont no if I should tell her but after I did it someone told me that if poisn gets into my blood stream I could die

Answer #1

I think your arm not moving has nothing to do with the piercing, I woke up this morning and my arm also wouldnt move, thats because I had been lying on it in my sleep and I had no feeeling in it for about 2 minutes. lol.. but then you try and squeeze and move it around and its fine again.

Answer #2

my friend’s sister once pierced her own bellybutton and had to be emergency hospitalized from widespread infection not too long afterwards. take it out and see a doc.

Answer #3

tell your mom immediately before its 2 late.. your life maybe in danger..just kidding, anyways, just tell her and go see a doctor..

Answer #4

I did that my self too and it went all green bt I just kept it kleen with hot salty water 3 times a day and it was finee..but if you say that your arm wouldent move properly I would say take it out beacuse you could end put takein a stroke or even as you said end up with blood poisoning x

Answer #5

I would take it out asap. One reason why it’s not safe to pierce yourself is because there are certain nerves that most professionals know to miss. I have had my eyebrow, labret, nose, and tounge pierced, all at different times. But I never attempted to do them on my own. Its just safer to have someone who knows what they are doing. I Honestly would think about going to the doctor. Especially if you are still having the numb feeling in your arm. I know that the swelling is very common. Most everyone swells after a piercing. Don’t be afraid to talk to your mom. Just tell her you messed up. We all do crazy things.

Answer #6

just out of curiosity…how in the hell did you have the guts to do that!! and HOW DID you DO IT!!!???

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