He lied on everything

He promised fiscal responsibility in 3 months he sapnt more than bush in 8 years said if we passed stimulus unemployment wouldnt go over 8% its now at 10% whered all the money go lol he cant nake up his mind to send troops to afghanistan while troops are dying he is weak he relies on others tomake decisions for him hes basically a child

Answer #1

so true… the wrost part isnt that he dida bad job, the bad part is that he lied about it and still does

Answer #2

We can hope, but look where Obama’s got us with all the hope he’s sharing

How do you know we wouldn’t be worse off it without Obama’s policies? He was handed a finacial disaster when he came to office. He can’t be blamed for the stuff he inherited, and you have no idea whether things would be better with McCain?.

Answer #3

FOX News has some hardcore stuff, but you need to stop treating it like it’s a cult. Just because we don’t care for Obama’s decisions does not mean we are twisted and crazy like some. I agree, we have to respect him, even if we don’t agree. He’s here and he’s staying for awhile, so what can we do? We can hope, but look where Obama’s got us with all the hope he’s sharing :)

Answer #4

He is an activist, but as a president he needs to be more than that. I agree that he hasn’t followed thru on a lot of his promises, but sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. He is our president and that just the way its going to be until the time comes for relection. In the mean time, hope for the best, things are bound to change one way or the other.

Answer #5

in 3 months he sapnt more than bush in 8 years

You obviously know nothing about what you are talking about. Try actually looking up the numbers before spout the lies you hear on FOX Noise.

Answer #6

I couldn’t have said it better, toadaly…right on the money…


Answer #7


A lifetime politician lied!!! Oh what is the world coming to!!!111!one!one

Answer #8

I agree, he has lied…a lot. You know when we are in a complete depression and no one can survive the US dollar has lost its total value and the country is basically in ruins…Im sure people will realize voting for him was a bad idea. People who are hardcore Obama supposrters arent going to get upset unless it is a huuuge deal. He is rediculous and I have lost sooo much respect for the country as a whole knowing how many people voted for him.

Answer #9

Oh, you’re on the wrong website. I think the one YOU’RE looking for is…


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