How to make my small eyes appear larger?

Hey guys,know what?Im really sick and tired of my eyes!Cause it is small.But most of the guys like girls with big eyes.And one of my friends tell me that guys with small eyes are cute but girls with small eyes are horrible.Well,it hurts me a lot.Am I wrong?How to have a pair of big and sparkling eyes?Thanks a lot.Hope to hear from you guys soon.^^

Answer #1

Well. You were made the way you were. And you’re stuck with yourself forever. If a guy doesn’t like you because of your eyes being small, then F* him. Go find someone who does like your eyes.

But theres always eyeliner. Just put it around your eye, and not too much… I have small eyes too. But I dont wear make up anymore much.. I found someone that likes them :)

Answer #2

Don’t listen to all that bull, everyone is deference if we were all the same this would be a very boring world. Your eyes are just fine.

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