What mascara styles make your eyes look much bigger?

well I see tones of difrent eyeliner styles, but how do you make your eyes look much bigger& open with mascra?

Answer #1

I loveee the Loreal collogin mascara from Walgreens, but the trick is in the eye liner. Use a dark liquid liner on the top of your lid. a thin line will do the trick and then use a eyeliner pencil on the bottom but not one thats too dark. Then of course your mascara and it will make your eyes appear larger! I have tiiiny little eyes and this works wonders! A make up artist at Mac taught me the trick.

Answer #2

its as easy as putting it on pretty much any mascara wther it was $2 or $20 will have the same affect

Answer #3

What I use is super shock from avon it works for me

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