Have you ever been about to do something...?

And then completely forgot what it was?

Answer #1

Yeah. I’ll go to grab something from the car then as soon as I get out there, I have no idea what I was looking for.

Answer #2

hahaha!!!… OMG that happens to me almsot all the time!!!…lol…=]

Answer #3

Yeahhh it sucks.

Answer #4

yep, plenty of times

Answer #5

omg I hate hate HATE that then ill remember like hours later … or never!

Answer #6


Answer #7

yup. I’ve forgotten how to spell the word “my” before, just as I was about to do it. Some people call these “blonde moments”, but they get insulted whenever I would say that, so now I call them “brain farts.” :)

Answer #8

Haha! Yes. All the time. I think I have like short term memory loss or something. Lol. If it helps, carry a little notepad around and write down everything you need to remember to do throughout the day.

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