Have scientists found a cure for the common cold?

Have scientists found a cure for the common cold? I know that medicines are much further advanced than when I was a kid , but I know that the common cold was also a mystery to th world of the pharmecutical companies.

So is there a cure for the common cold or are we just not interested in finding a cure?

Answer #1

sofar there is no absolute cure but having as much food with a high vitamin c content or mallic acid as found in apples certainly helps prevent, fight it and reduce its length and severity

Answer #2

Scientists are working on a cure but it’s very difficult right now because the rhinovirus (the virus that causes it) mutates quite often. There are 99 known strains of the rhinovirus as of right now and one medicine will not work against them all. But yes, vitamin C is good at fighting it. I drink lots of vitamin water and I’ve had a few colds this past winter that I could barely tell were in my system.

Answer #3

hhmm… well hon you need not sit around waiting for a scientist to cure your common cold! You’ll die before they ever get around to it. Just ensure that you eat right and boost your immune system. Take a high dosage of vitamin C, take a multivitamin, etc. Especially when flu season get around. Also exercise is good, because it makes you work up a sweat to rid your body of harmful toxins which will contribute to getting a cold. Just make sure you are strong enough to resist it. Better not to get it in the first place. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.


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