Have you ever lied to your parents about where you are going?

Ok, im bout to tell my parents that im going to a friends house but we are leaving there and going sumwhere else, and im scared.. I’ve nvr been a bad kid before… and advice?

Answer #1

I did it all the time. but, as long as your safe! be cool though if you seem tense and nervous when talking to your parents their going to find out.

Answer #2

Yah! im home now and I didnt get caught, so far. they dont even expect any thing, we went camping and I froze my a** of I probably shouldnt have gone but its the only thing around here that we have to do..

Answer #3

I do it all da time just go 4 it and if you get caught maybe it was worth it plus technically you r going to a friends house just leaving lolz but I dunno because if sumtin happens you know then I don’t know BUT YEA LOL

Answer #4

Well it really depends on where you plan on going if your going to do something wicked bad don’t do it and just listen to your parents if your just going to hang out somewhere where you’ll be safe then just do it its true you only live once.

Answer #5

I do it all the time, but only because my parents don’t give a sh*t where I am as long as I’m not dying and if for some strange reason I’m no aloud at someones house or somewhere I go to my friends house&go with him/her, I’m a good liar. if you play it cool you wont get cought, don’t make a big deal about it&it will be fine.

Answer #6

yeah I’ve done it plenty of lame times, but it’s pretty stupid. especially if/when you get caught. it’s really not worth it, you should really just obey your parents.

Answer #7

Well, I did once, I got caught, and I would do it again… you only live once

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