how to convince parents to let me go to a party

im 16 and I want to go to my friends birthday party and hes a guy. which screams trouble for my mother but I have no clue why! I cant ever go to someones house without her calling the parents and meeting them. and im 16! its embarressing for me. how do I convince her to let me go to the party without her calling his parents and meeting them? im a good daughter I dont drink or do drugs, I get good grades, I’ve never gotten into big trouble, I dont cuss. I have a job& am involed in sports. I dont see why she doesnt trust me.

Answer #1

My mom is the same way and I’m almost sixteen an also get good grades and the same as you, nothing works with my mom usually but I just tell her it’s a big group so no one is gonne do anything or get in trouble, hope you figure something out(:

Answer #2

Hmm.. Sounds like she’s doing a great job.

Answer #3

I find that with kids that are very behaved and dont get into trouble have parents that act like that more often then the kids that are into drugs and everything. Just make sure she trusts you and make sure you are trust worthy. Then if she still doesnt let you go, play that trust card. Say somthing like “mom dont you trust me?” that used to ALWAYS work for me! good luck!

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