What are some diet tips?

diet tips please???

Answer #1


it’s very delicious, and it’s really good for you. be careful which dressings you put on it though, try getting low-fat dressings.

if you don’t like salads, try getting the frozen meals called lean cuisine. they are also good, and healthy

good luck!!

Answer #2

Well I know some pretty healthy choices.

You could get Healthy Valley vegetarian chili, and some brown rice. If you eat half of the can, and a cup of brown rice, it would be 370 calories in a decent meal :)

And you could try making some boca burgers, which are only 70 calories per patty.

Answer #3

An effective diet plan should include a proper balance of diet and exercise. Also, it should teach you how to limit the intake of calories in your diet. It shouldn’t make you compromise with your taste, instead should include flexibility, so that you should easily continue with the diet and don’t get bored following it. I followed the diet plans of Shaperight and they were really effective. Those were the ones which taught me to limit the intake of calories and to make the diet flexible and interesting. Here are a few tips that you may find helpful for your weight loss.

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