Has anyone heard of or know of a Plan B ?

Wondering - They’re saying now that more taxpayer money will be poured into upcoming bailouts - If this doesn’t work, has anyone heard of or know of a Plan B ?

Answer #1

Hmm, I’m not sure. I’ve never heard of Plan B yet. I hope they come up with something though.

Answer #2

They don’t need a plan b. Plan “a” wasn’t about the economy, it was about rich friends of the government from both sides of the aisle. And, it went smashingly well. Did you read about one of the former CEO’s who had the job for six months & made 30 million?

Tax payer money well spent…I’ve yet to see a democrat or republican saying we should lynch these guys, OR repossess their stuff…

Answer #3

That is so crazy a Bailout won’t do anything…it’s only going to make things worse…unbelievable

Answer #4

the next plan is the scariest of all- pass the wheel to hillary and let her drive.

Answer #5

plan b would be to overthrow the government which will probably crash and burn at this rate anyway. and to make smaller individual communistic tribes of people… Look up the venus project.

Answer #6

You’re looking at the situation backwards. The bailout IS Plan B. Plan A was to sell bundles of sub-prime mortgages to the governments of developing countries.

Answer #7

At this point, government having to be reorganized doesn’t sound all that bad. Maybe people will THINK about who they put in power, this time.

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