Does anyone know the handgun laws???

I know handgun laws vary from state to state but I have a permit to carry and if someone threatened me can I shoot them? Do I have to be attacked first??? Will I go to jail if someone is attacking me and I shoot them??? Btw I live in washington

Answer #1

haha my daddys a cop I know all this shit… you MUST have a licence for it and you gotta get like your neighbors or something like that to sign and say they trust you with a gun or something.., this takes about 3 months I think. and you cn only shoot someone if you physically got attacked. I live in NYC

Answer #2

If somebody threatens you and you shoot them: it’s illegal. In all 50 states. Given the brief description of the situation, in my non legally binding, non professional view, you’d be convicted for manslaughter, at the least, and spend 5+ years in jail.

Now…if you HAVE a handgun, and a valid permit, you should check out the NRA…as they are the “pro gun” group and have probably a local chapter in your area.

Last…given your username (irrational) and the fact that you’re asking how to shoot somebody, I’d also recommend talking to a competent psychologist or psychiatrist…just saying, it’s a bit out there to fantasize about shooting people for threatening you.

Answer #3

It varies from state to state. I have had a conceal carry permit for some time and have read the laws of my state over and over again. It is not illegal for me to kill someone if I am in my rights, though I will need a damn good lawyer. In My state of Oregon I can carry anywhere except federal building. I can even carry in Public schools! I believe there should be One armed upstanding citizen for every 50 people at least. Cops are not bodyguards and there are some evil people out there. I pray to god I never have to kill anybody Again, but If I could be there to thwart one mall shooting, then I will carry for the rest of my life.

Answer #4

In most states deadly force is only justified when the threat is extreme, imminent and unavoidable. In other words if there is any other option than killing someone you are compelled to take the non-deadly option.

Some states do not require retreat. That is, you are allowed to kill someone who attacks you even if it is possible for you to escape danger. Some states also allow you to use deadly force to protect your property even if your life is not in danger.

If you are considering arming yourself do get educated about the specifics of gun laws in every state you carry.

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