What is a quick way for me to get my I.D.(prove my age)?

Hey so I never got a drivers license or permit, long story, and my college I.D. doesn’t have my birthday on it. I want to get MW3 the day it comes out but I have no proof of age. So any help?

Answer #1

dont buy mw3 because its not going to be any more exciting then the last 20 that came out. thats my personal advice. If you look of age, you should be fine, or if you show them you have a college ID that means you go to college which means you graduated high-school so your most likely of age.

Answer #2

go to a dmv place they will give u one even if u are under 16

Answer #3

go to the DMV with a birth certificate or passport and fill out the application and get an ID.

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