What going to happen to me when my bf gos to the navy?

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is your bf the finacial provider in the relationship? If so, think about getting a job. if you have any kids, explain to ur child whats happening. Hang in there!!

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You are probably going to miss him very much and will have to figure out a way to deal with it until he comes back.

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he will most likely die. end it. and start talking to his dad

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omg i cant believe you said that.....

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im in the same boat, but mines going into the army, you jsut havee to really ask yourself, how much do i really love him, do i stay with him or do i wait till be comes back to continue dateing again.

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wow, really...

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It depend on if you plan to get married or not. Are you going to be financially prepared to join him where ever he gets stationed or are you going to want to stay where you are? There a lot of moving parts to a military family it is best for you to both talk about this with each other and your families before the final decision is made because being a military wife is not an easy task.

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Your bf is doing something that will matter in the world, be proud of him! so stay strong, pray for him if thats your thing, and try to make it through your time apart.

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