Hands, arms and wrists.

I get the feeling that I need to stretch my fingers all the time now. I’m a 14 yr old boy and I thought maybe this would be to do with the fact that my hands are just growing? (I’m pretty tall for my age). I often bend my fingers back till I hear that snapping noise, and after that they feel much better. I play guitar a lot, and quite often go on the computer using the keyboard and mouse a lot. I used to play xbox a lot as well which might have caused it as I would be gripping the controller a lot but not anymore. Also, my forearms and wrists are very skinny in proportion to my hands - I eat a lot but never really gain much weight. Will my forearms grow on their own or should I try and work out to gain muscle there? Thx

Answer #1

I would suggest using your index and ring fingers when playing a power chord on the guitar. and practice moving the power chord around a lot. and I would also suggest practicing stretching the fingers over the frets as far as you can. I am right handed so I put my left hand over the frets. so when I first started I would always take 2 fingers of my right hand and use them to push 2 of the fingers of my left hand apart to stretch them. don’t do it too hard or may damage your hand.

about fore arm size I would say that you have just grown and that your muscles just haven’t caught up yet. I have real big feet and when they grew bigger at first I had small calf muscles. to make up for the leverage they grew enormous lol.

and I wouldn’t pop the fingers backwards that will cause serious long term damage. if you are going to pop them anyways I would suggest pulling them outwards individually.

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