half babys?

alright so this question “spawned” on me (dumb pun)

if christians believe a fertilized egg is a whole baby, why do they not scream and shout about the menstrual cycle… I mean the egg’s are all half a baby right??? and why dont they try to limit sperm cells? men kill millions of half babys every time they ejaculate (even if it for conception purpose)

yet they make this huge fuss about contraception, Plan B, and abortion…

really all the men and women are killing huge amounts of potential babys, yet they dont care…

does that mean christians just wanna get into other peoples choices??? seems so to me… ideas?

Answer #1

There’s no “dead” or “not alive” phase of reproduction. Thus, “when does life begin” is a meaningless question. The reason it’s asked is because the religiously inclined are trying to disguise their argument against abortion as a secular one, when in actual fact their assertion that a fertilized zygote is a human being rests on the principle of “ensoulment” - that is, the idea that the moment a zygote is fertilized, it gets a soul.

Answer #2

I would assume it is because those AGAINST pro-choice are only interested in a baby that can be pushed through the birth canal…they don’t care one flit about cells that won’t develop into yet another fundamentalist christian voter

It is all about the birth…to hell with the life the baby leads.

Answer #3

oh wow, what a pleasant christian girl… you kiss your mother with that mouth?

I was asking how it can be alive… which clearly you dont know… proves my point of you not knowing what is alive… well done…

oh and also I copy pasted it from you, I cant be bothered to write stuff up I can just copy paste, so dont be wise in editing your words ;)

Answer #4

um actually a fertalized egg IS alive… and BTW if your not gonna listen to the answers then why are you asking questions??

Answer #5

because an unfertalized egg isnt alive yet- it needs to be fertalized

a fertilized egg isnt alive either… it needs to go through some stages before it becomes alive… and BTW what do YOU consider to be alive??? because it seems to me you have no idea…

Answer #6

because an unfertalized egg isnt alive yet. so you cant kill something thats not a live. and god intended us to have our periods and such. so… theres your answer.

Answer #7

no one has answered the question of what “alive” is…

Answer #8

and btw I never said “-it needs to be fertalized”… so…

Answer #9

im not saying you should follow me, or what I believe in im just asking a question


Answer #10

It seems like Informer here jsut likes to make posts complaining about how Christians try to shove their beliefs down other peoples throat, when here he is doing the same thing.


maybe you should question why you are such a hypocrite before others, yes?

Answer #11

Ok, first off Informer, please don’t assume that all Christians are against abortion. I am a Chrisian, and like many, am pro-choice.

Both the gametes (unfertilised egg and sperm) and the fertilised egg (zygote) are alive. The gametes are haploid cells capable of joining with another gamete and forming a new life. The zygote is the first stage of this new life, meaning that it has its own unique set of DNA. Both the gametes only have half the number of chromosomes, but all the genes are from the mother or father, and are therefore considered their cells. The cells of the zygote have a unique array of genes, and therefore are a unique, new human (or have the potential to be one if all goes right during development). Because the process of fertilisation produces a cell with new DNA, some people believe that this means that it should have the same rights as any baby or adult.

Answer #12

Hahaha I KNOW RIGHT! And its also so funny that you say you’re not saying what you believe in when you actually just edited your post to something different! haha, I’ve looked at it a couple times, and you said “It seems to me that religous people are hipocrites just like I thought!”

and YOU changed it! why?have you not the balls to stick with your post?

tsktsk* informer, I lost the tiny amout of respect I had for you.

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