If a baby dies, do they go to heaven?

If a baby dies soon after its born, does it go to heaven or hell? What about like 2 year olds?

Answer #1

…you just challenged everyone to provide you with any proof…

Answer #2

lol…ummm…did you just go like…anti-christ right there??

Answer #3

well in the catholic religion…everyone is born with the original sin [ adam & eve disobeying God ] and theyre not forgiven until baptism…according to that iwould say hell…

but a baby is innocent and hasnt even done anything, iduno.

Answer #4

if a baby dies yes they will go to heaven due to the fact they havent reached the age of accountability to know right from wrong. I’ve got a son in heaven and he didnt get a chance to be born. Yes babies go to heaven when they die.

Answer #5

kis are all inocent they all go to heaven

Answer #6

I would think heaven. they never even had a chance to live, so they wouldnt really even have the opportunity to sin.

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Answer #8

Yes - before the age of reason / accountability is pure innocence - God wraps His loving arms around them !!

Answer #9

Here we go again, I say heaven.

Answer #10

Since babies are born into sin and technically don’t have knowledge of god, according to some Christians under this circumstance they would go to hell.

Babies obviously only appear to be “innocent” because they are dumb. Who’s to say they aren’t someone who would grow up to go to hell?

Concerning kids under the age of accountability let’s just say is 7 years, there are some well behaved kids and then there are also naughty kids. Why is this if it’s claimed they don’t know “right” from “wrong”, of course other factors come into play such as genetics, upbringing, enviornment, phsyce etc and not just in children under 7.

I think this could be another example of how Christianity overall is wrong. Aswell as our justice system, without considering psychological aspects which I think play the role in committed crimes. In some cases I wouldn’t even hold a person fully responsible for their actions. Some people might need to be contained yes but I don’t think the consequences should be the same.

Answer #11

No one knows for sure but I think any baby or young child would go to Heaven for sure.

Answer #12

Such an innocent, sweet little being; I’d say heaven.

Answer #13

okay.im back with another answer.after looking at kristayababil’s answer.I got up and went and asked my dad.he is one of many elders(minister) at my church.he said they discussed this in an elders meeting the other night and he basically confirmed what kristayababii said.its when you learn right from wrong.

Answer #14

yes.the age of accountability is 12.that number has something to do with jesus actions.I think thats the age he got baptized but I am not absolutely positive.I just know that if any person dies before age 12 they automatically go to heaven.its somewhere in the bible.but I dont remember where.I would have to get back to you on that

Answer #15

heaven!!.they never really did anything wrong and never had a chance on earthh. but have you guys ever heard of reincarnation*…well I think that might have something to do with like living.like duh of course but here.. say I was born in the 1700’s and died in 1730. so I died at 30..so now like back then what really was there to do? like yeah I don’t know what kinda music was there but there porb was,I don’t know about movies, but they can have sex. so im dead right now, and like people are doin itt right, so do you think that were giin another chance in life since we didnt have much back then? I dont really know how to say it.

^–its prob confusing…if you don’t get it, sry. but they should all go 2 heaven.

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Answer #17

Woooaaah. I didn’t mean for this question to turn into an argument!

Answer #18

lol…no one has to prove anything to you.

Answer #19

no such thing as heaven or hell, just death!

Answer #20

Heaven!!! They never had a chance to do anything wrong.

Answer #21

I would never belive in a god that sent babies to hell or native people who dont know better.

Answer #22

Were not sure but id say Heaven

Answer #23

it all depends in what you believe in.

Answer #24

heaven I’d say… and I don’t think that any babyz go 2 hell cause they catholic… a baby is innocent… of course it’s going to go 2 heaven … it’s sad a lil baby died :( I would die if my lil baby died!!! ( my nephew) and it’s got nothing 2 do with religion, a baby is a baby

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that is a very contradicting argument at hand. most christians differ on that subject. it is said that a child is born with out sin. so when they die they naturally go to heaven. but there is a paradox. if god is all knowing, then he knows the person you will be when you come to the point of life where you can determine what is right versus what is wrong, and if you will accept jesus as the mesiah. so he would be able to determine wether the childs name will be in the book of life or not.

I hope I helped religion im usually good at I study and practice them all.

Answer #27

who are we to decide who goes to heaven? God makes that decision, not us. If Hitler is in hell now, does that mean that if he did not become an adult that he would have ended up in heaven?

If that is the case, then why does not God let us die when we are babies, like that we all go to heaven. And if that was the case, then would not God want everyone to go to heaven.

So my answer is…God knows, and for the rest of us who are not babies we need to submit ourselves to God and not worry about issues that God has not divulged to us.

Answer #28

babies two and under will go heaven because they do not have any sin on there solds

Answer #29

If they are baptize or presented to God ..they go to heaven but if they didn’t they go to hell no exceptions. In this case its the mother’s responsibility for the baby’s soul. If the baby is in the stomach and the mother is a born again Christian they both go to heaven but if the mother is not then they both go to hell.

Answer #30

the baby is it’s own person, ciara17. you are not condemned based off of someone else’s actions (or inactions). actually this point is very clearly stated in the bible. don’t remember where the story is, but the story is about a blind man. if you want, do the research.

Answer #31

They go to heaven. They have not reached the age of accountability which I believe is 14. It has no basis on how kids can be under that age. It is set by the church based on biblical history. The church does not give them accountability yet. If Hitler had died as a baby he would have gone to heaven too. Your future is not laid out and you have choices to make to get where you will be. He was not the person he would be become at birth.

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