Is it normal for a girl to have a hairy butt?

I have hair right up my buttcrack. There is quite a bit; is this normal for a girl??

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actually I was wondering the same thing, I have a rather furry butt crack lol

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Im glad you asked you that!!:--)

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its normal and besides who is going to look down there unless you are married or some sort

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OMG thanxx I thot I was like the only one it was scary.!
but im not the only one soo thats good.:D

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so im not the only one?! what a releif... but what about the butt skin... not in the crack

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thanx for asking that question, I was curious too :)

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I want to know why everyone is so obsessed with being hair free. its perfecly natural and in my personal opinion its more attractive when a girl doesnt go for the totally clinical look that seems to be so popular. natural is sexy, no matter how much porn portrays otherwise

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It's perfectly normal for both girls and guys to have hair in their "butt-crack" — the area around the anus and between the cheeks of the buttocks. In fact, most people have hair in this area. When girls go through puberty pubic hair grows around their genitals — over the pubic bone and around the vulva and anus.

Whether a woman chooses to shave, trim, or remove pubic hair is ultimately a personal choice. In no way do women have to shave (or remove) their pubic hair. Shaving in such sensitive areas can lead to razor burn and ingrown hairs. Trimming pubic hair with a scissors or using an electric razor will reduce the risk of painful itching and bleeding that may result from shaving.

Hope that helps!

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hmmm...I think its normal. although shaving in areas like that will cause irritation..and it can be very uncomfortable...I would use hair removal creme if you hate it a lot. but dont shave there. but really its not a problem or even that noticeable. you r you and humans (boys and girls) have hair. its just part of puberty. yea it sucks sometimes and makes you feel self concious but dont worry about it. ^_^ ull be fine.

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blondeee... you will get yours soon. dont worry. and I've read your responses to other questions. you should probablt stick to myspace or fox news forums if you want to play around. no one has time for your nonsense here.

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yerr its normal

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I think most girls have hair up there, I certainly do, lol. I used to shave my bikini line but never really thought about the hair up my crack, till I started getting waxed. My beautician suggested I might like to go 'Brazilian' to remove the hair 'round the back' so for the last 4 years or so I was all smooth front to back. I stopped waxing just before christmas in an effort to save cash, so I'm all natural again now - my current partner doesn't like the smooth look so I guess my hairy butt's here to stay for the time being!

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well its normal to have a few hairs to protect frm bacteria,but if yur dark skin and have dark hair you probabley have more than usual and because yur hairs dark they luk more noticable

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THANKS for sharing that...I was kinda worried when I saw my girlfriend had hairy butt crack.
I was like dammmnnn...even though I have it too..but I did not expect it to be there for a girl plus it was the first time I was really in that region with any it was a bit shocking at first.

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It's normal for both boys and girls but if you are uncomfortable with it I think you should try the hair removing cream or just live with it because weither your butt is hairy or not you are still human.

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I'm sooo glad someone asked that questioned, I was a bit worries :-x I hate having a hairy azz but as long as I'm not the only girl who does haha I shaved my butt before and it grew back 2x worse so don't shave unless you want a werewolf azz LMAOOO

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actually it is quiet normal for both guys and girls

its stops the germs from entering your butt it is a fact that if you dont have any hair you may end up havin a butt infection or a slimy butt hole

ughh and no body wants that

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i have been a hairy person sence the day i was born i guess its normal but it is very nerve racking when you have a relationship nd they begin to you know "play" and all you can think about is oh no what if they dont like it are they gonna run away or be like eeeeeeeeewwwwww or what i dont recomend shaving because like all of us know when you shave it comes back faster and thicker, the hair removal creams may work but be sure to make sure it is made for that part of your body
have a great day love atn

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Yayy I'm glad you asked this as I have the same problem, whenever I go on holiday I apply hair removal cream all over my butt to make sure!
I sometimes shave if I'm really desperate too :S

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