Is it normal for a girl to have hair here?

I am 13 and I have a hairy that even normal? is it even normal for a girl to have a hairy butt?

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haha i used to shave it. it doesnt come back worse, idk why people say that it was fine, but anyways i would always worry about that but really its no big deal

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gurl i got hair on my stomach and its totally normal! some peolpe r hairy than others! i thing it depends on your genes! now your but is goese for the same thing! so dnt worry, your totally fine! ask your doctor he will tell you!

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everyone has hair on there stomache just some girls have like almost blonde and some have darker but its completely normal and if it bothers you you could always get it waxed

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Is it like furry or like pubic hair? I know asian girls tend to be more hairy than light skinned europeans. So it could be normal depending on what your nationality is. I like australian girls that have fine blonde fur all over their body, l love it ;)

Is it normal for a girl to have a hairy butt?
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If its bugging you that bad you could always bleach it. But no matter what, don't have it. It will come back much much worse!!

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it's normal although most remove the hair if it's dark

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Yes it is. Although some may be more than others. I know lots of girls that are hairy. Now if they are blonde or barely noticeable don't worry about it.

My friend thought she would be smart and shave her stomach. Bad choice! It grew back worse than before. so I wouldn't worry.

A lot of girls are hairy on their backs, and faces even.

No worries girl. Just a part of life.

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Having hair on your body is not a part of life as bubblynside stated.
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It is completely normal, everyone has hair.

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girl, no worries. I have lil hairs on my butt too! but any guy I've ever been with has never had a problem with it. so no worries:)

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Having hair on your body is not a part of life as bubblynside stated. If you eat a lot of meat it is caused from the hormones that are shot into the animals and also put into our dairy products.

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dependent on how hairy and how dark the hair is, I would consider waxing before you become sexually active. (You could shave but it takes skill).

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