Hair washing ?

Hi im going away for 2 weeks, but the thing is I wont be able to wash my hair at all while im away for various reasons. I hate going without washing my hair at least 2 times a week so I want my hair to be as clean and not greasy as possible. I’ve heard of dry shampoo but not sure how it works. Anyone got anything that I can do to stop my hair looking greasy ? I know 2 weeks is a long time, thats why im panicking a bit. Thanks soo much in advance.

Answer #1

I believe there is a product sold at beauty supply stores, or at least they sold it when I worked at a Sally Beauty Supply years ago, that is a shampoo that does not require water. I am not really sure how it works but I have heard it was originally developed by NASA for astronauts, so it probably does work. Customers used to come in and ask for it. I recently heard that girl Heidi that was on I’m a Celebrity get me out of here mention that she was using a version of it and that it does keep your hair from getting greasy. Sorry I don’t know of any quick easy home-remedy type ideas but Im sure one exists. By the way/on the bright side, nothing makes your hair look and feel better in the long run than letting its natural oil build up for a while.

Answer #2

I haven’t ever used dry hair shampoo before, but my mom was talking about it. She said you can get it at this store called Ulta. Great store, BTW! I have also heard about the baby powder or talcum powder. I heard to apply it in the shiniest or greasiest spots.

Hope this helps! :)

Answer #3

dry shampooing is definatly the way youll have to go it comes in a can and you apply it to dry hair however your hair wont be as nice as if you could wash it talcum poweder works but only really short term if you apply it to greasy hair and brush through its ok good luck

Answer #4

yeah dry hair shampoo is definitely the answer, then again I’ve never used it

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