does wash in wash out hair dye still make your hair darker?

im dying my hair black from blonde soon, and I want to know if I just use wash in wash out to try it out, will it still make my hair a darker colour when it fades?

Answer #1

DON’T do it, I was a dark blonde then I peroxided my hair to make it lighter. It was a nice goldy blonde but I wanted to experiment with brown, so I used a wash-out semi-perm dark brown hair dye.

It was supposed to wash out after 3 weeks (and I wash my hair sometimes twice a day) its now 6 weeks, my hair is still one shade off black and has green undertones, as well as having lost all its lustre. it’s disgusting and it’s not fading out, I’m so over it. don’t dye it to black/brown because you won’t get your blonde back and if you still want to - go to a hairdressers please!!

I want my blonde back so bad, but I know its not going to!

Answer #2

wait so you’re blonde and you’re dying it black?

Answer #3

yep I am, I hate being blonde!

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